The Future of Play to Earn

Play to earn games will use DeFi to generate income for their players.
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Currently, nearly all play-to-earn games (including Axie) use an ecosystem growth dependent model in order to generate income for their players (good ol’ ponzinomics). Players buy expensive assets and the price of those assets fuels lower-tier player paychecks.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Blockchain games don’t exist in a silo. Games can use DeFi to create income and then use that income to fuel the game economy. In essence changing the economic model from export driven to investment driven.

To restate that:


  • The economy is only sustainable if it is growing.
  • Purchase value is non-productive (remains in game only)
  • Players priced out
  • Economy mirrors real-world developing nations


  • Economy is sustainable while DeFi yield remains strong.
  • Purchase value is put to productive ecosystem use.
  • Any amount can get players started.
  • Economy mirrors real-world financial states like Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Crypto Colosseum x QiDAO x Polygon

Players deposit crypto into a QiDAO vault. The underlying asset (matic, eth, etc) earns interest in AAVE. They take out a safe loan (33% of the value by default) and use that MAI to buy PTG (the Crypto Colosseum currency). That loan is incentivized by QiDAO and so all in all the players are earning around 20% on their underlying crypto.

Players take their PTG, participate in the AI-fueled gladiator battle ecosystem and have fun while their crypto earns them yield. If they choose to exit the ecosystem they simply repay the loan (in MAI terms) and they recover their crypto (plus their interest).

The stark difference between the existing play-to-earn models and this new method is that the capital staked here is out in the Polygon defi ecosystem, being put to productive work. Playing the game makes the economic ecosystem better for everyone.

The Colosseum as a place of status

Opening a QiDAO vault of various sizes (in $USD/$MAI terms) grants you a special NFT tiered to your level. This is your seat in the colosseum. The seat is yours to keep forever and grants you access to a special community (starting with a gated discord).

Additionally your seat grants you tiered power over the Crypto Colosseum gladiator battles. Your economic power is reflected in your ability to exert influence over the daily battles in the colosseum. More on that mechanism in another article.

A new world awakens

Play to Earn is the reverse-mullet of crypto. Party in the front, serious business on the backend. Let’s go make the world a better place.

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